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About Liana Travels

Mckenzie "Mac" Wing, Owner/Operator

I have been a biologist, a tracker, a farmer, a forester, a veterinary assistant, and an instructor, but I found my true calling as a guide.

Since I first came to Costa Rica as a University Student, I've looked for ways to return and share the unique natural world, as well as give back to a community that values conservation.

I split my time between Costa Rica and my home of Washington State.

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Commitment to Ethics

Keeping things personal, quiet, and authentic

My costs include all expenses inside Costa Rica. All you have to do is buy your flight--once in the country, you don't have to worry about a thing.

I primarily patronize smaller, local, and family-owned businesses and services. I try to avoid crowds and more developed areas as much as I can.

I try to operate alone, but will contract with other local guides for some services, including boating, cultural tours, or access to a National Park.

I only support and recommend responsible, sustainable businesses that I have personally vetted. My policy is to do right by my clients, but to also do right by Costa Rica.

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